We offer many incentives for people just like you who want to rent one of our lovely homes:

  • Below Market Rents – You save $$$ every month on our below market rents.
  • Prime Condition or Better – Before we make a home available, we make sure that repairs are done and that the house has a fresh coat of paint. In turn, we also expect our residents to take care of our homes, because we do, and leave them in the same condition or better.
  • Earn FREE Rent – Earn FREE rent with our Rent Rewards Program just by paying rent on time!.
  • Rent to Own Option – Invest in your home and take advantage of our Rent to Own Lease Option. This is a great alternative to coming up with a down payment all at once to buy a house. We manage the property while your rent dollars go towards owning your own home.
  • Professional Property Management – Not to toot our own horn, but we take pride in what we do. We are fair and honest and believe that we have better, happier residents because of our service.