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Sell Your House

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Are you a motivated seller? There could be any number of reasons why you might need or want to sell your home. Here are some of the most common:

  • Need quick CASH
  • Want to avoid Foreclosure
  • Moving, need to sell quickly
  • Can’t afford mortgage
  • Behind on payments
  • Death or Divorce
  • Financial Problems
  • Prefer Renting

Whatever the reason, we can help!


We offer a professional, non-traditional approach to selling your home. By “traditional” approach we mean hiring a Real Estate Agent, waiting for one to several months to close, and then paying top commissions and fees when you do close. That’s definitely one way to do it. But we like to keep it simple, easy and fast. Here are some of the key benefits we offer:

  • We pay CA$H
  • We close within days
  • No commissions, fees or closing costs
  • We’ll take care of repairs
  • Professional closing
  • We handle all the paperwork
  • Friendly, professional service
  • No obligation, no risk

Because we pay cash for houses in any condition and close within days (as quickly as 3 days from offer acceptance) we offer great benefits to sellers. We are also very flexible. An all cash upfront offer will have a lower offer amount. But if you are open to receiving some cash now and the rest in payments, we can offer a higher sales price. We’ll give you some options to choose from so that you can decide what best fits your needs. Every situation is different and we’re not bound by rigid guidelines. Our offers are fair and again, you are under no obligation to accept and have absolutely no risk.


For one, we aren’t used car salesmen or real estate agents. We will not waste your time or try and make you do something you don’t want to. We prefer the upfront and honest method. Like any business, we are here to make money and to grow. If you are looking to make top retail on your property, we are probably not your best option.


  1. Let us know about your house. Call us at 901.533.3300, or send an email to homes@surefirepm.com with the full address of the home you wish to sell, as well as the amount you would be willing to accept for the home.
  2. We will get back to you within 24 hours and set up a viewing. This step is very simple. With information on your house and situation, and a short visit to the property, we can present our offer to you in less than 30 minutes.
  3. If the offer is accepted, you can relax because we will take care of the rest. You get to decide when we close, which can be as quickly as 3 days from offer acceptance. Closing will take place at a professional Title and Escrow Company. All paperwork will be prepared for you to just sign and pick up your check. Remember, no fees or commissions will be taken out of your sale. It’s that simple, quick, and easy!
  4. OUR GOAL:

    Our goal is for you to have a good experience working with us. As complicated and stressful as it can be sometimes when selling a home, you may think that our approach is too good to be true. We assure you that it isn’t. Even if we don’t end up buying your house, we want you to come to us again in the future. We want you to tell your family and friends about us, and we would love it if you gave us your feedback.


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